Maintenance Costs

by Darryl T. Agostinelli

Is it happening to you?

  • Is it getting harder and harder to find developers willing to support your old software?
  • Finding it hard to add competitive features to your product?
  • Faced with major system upgrade costs because a vendor end-of-life'd a product you were depending on?
  • Burned by fad-tech loving, hot-shot developers, swearing that you should use latest technology?
  • Are your customers looking for solutions elsewhere because they don't see your product or service as fresh?

Maintenance Costs is a book of reasons why some software projects incur in major maintenance costs and how to make your projects less expensive and maintainable long term.

Maintenance Costs is the book that I always wished I could could hand my clients and the programmers that I have worked with over the years. Now I can.


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Who Am I?

Portrait of Darryl T. Agostinelli

I'm Darryl T. Agostinelli. I'm a programmer. For almost my entire career of 20+ years, I have been a software contractor. When you stop and think about it, people only hire contractors for a few reasons. A couple of the reasons are nice, healthy proactive reasons. But most of them are the other kind. It's the other kind that made me want to write this book. It's my hope that I am able to transfer some of what I've learned to you, dear reader, via the words in this book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book really free?

Yes, it is. For now. When the book is done I will probably look into distributing it as an ebook on Amazon and investigate publishing it in book format. Even when I do, I think I will still keep this web version of the book here. I haven't had a chance yet to speak with any attorneys about it yet. So until all that gets figured out, here it is. Enjoy. Give me feedback. I love that.

Is this book available in any other formats

Not for now. I intend to produce other kinds of electronic formats such as PDF, ebook and ePub. But that will be down the road a while after I've finished the book or get closer. In the meantime, please enjoy reading the free online web edition.

How do I get a print edition?

Not yet. But eventually you will be able to. For now, please enjoy reading the free online web edition. Join my mailing list and I'll notify you as I update the book. Eventually, I do hope to create a print edition. When I do, everyone on my mailing list will be among the first to be notified.